Originally Published: March 23, 1974

Actor Alice

Alice Cooper made his much talked about acting debut recently on the TV show "The Snoop Sisters".

Helen Hayes, who plays one of the elderly detectives in the programme, was set the task of cheeking out a case of witchcraft.

Alice played the part of Prince, a young singing witch (can you get that one together!). Although Alice's part in the show was a very short one, we found it a little clumsy, but you'll be able to judge for yourselves when it's screened in England.

British Premiere For Alice Film

The Alice Cooper Band film, tentatively titled "Hard Hearted Alice", should be premiered here in May.

This will partly compensate for the cancelled British tour caused by the energy crisis and the difficulty of fitting all the equipment on to British stages.

The film includes shots from Cooper's last tour, based around the "Billion Dollar Babies" stage act, which was never performed in Europe. In addition, there is a sub-plot filmed on location, probably including a few numbers from the recent album "Muscle Of Love".

Currently in the editing stages, the movie will be tour hours long. The plans were revealed by Alice himself, while he was in London for a brief promotional visit last weekend.

He also expressed a keen desire to do some open air concerts in Europe this Summer but nothing final has yet been worked out.