Originally Published: December 01, 1973

Hard Hearted Alice

Alice Cooper's Muscle Of Love was released last week and it's another fine LP.

The album is packaged in a plain record mailing box which says on one side "Attention This Carton Contains One (1) Alice Cooper Muscle Of Love". Inside there's a school book cover (to use with your "School's Out" LP) and a picture of the lads going into well... look at the LP and it'll tell you 'bout what the Muscle Of Love is.

The single from the LP is "Teenage Lament" which features Ronnie Spector, Liza Minnelli, The Pointer Sisters & Labell doing back up vocals. There are other tight Cooper tracks, one is "Man With The Golden Gun" full of James Bond type riffs.

Meanwhile the Coopers start Dec. 8 in Nashville on the "Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies Holiday Tour" which ends in Buffalo on New Years eve. Film of the tour will be shot for a feature called "Hard Hearted Alice" to be released next March.