Sounds - 23rd December 1972

(December 23, 1972)

Originally Published: December 23, 1972

Cooper Meets Claus

Alice Cooper had a store all to himself for his Christmas shopping in New York last week.

Alice, with snake, Yvonne and members of his group, had the run of Alexander's Department store in Manhatten one evening for their Christmas shopping.

The store's Father Christmas was on hand to assist and , among other things, Alice bought 22 rag dolls, 10 blue meanie dolls, twenty packs of playing cards and fifty-seven albums, all of which were original motion picture soundtracks from old Humphrey Bogart and Bela Lugosi films.

Meanwhile Yvonne curled up on a Monopoly Board so Alice bought the game for her.

Alice also bought a sable fur coat, and played table tennis with an unidentified table-tennis champion called Mr Ping Pong. The winner took the fur coat, and Alice won.

After the shopping spree, it took six people half an hour to load all the presents into an 18 foot long van.