Originally Published: August 25, 1997

Cleveland Nautica August 16th 1997

On the one hand you had a successful hard rock icon which the majority of the audience came to see. On the other hand you had three good examples of why the fluffy, porous 80's music scene has faded away. Granted, each of the three bands sets were cut short due to the rain delay, but what they did have to offer didn't compare in any category to what Mr. Cooper delivered.

But what was interesting was the number of people singing along to the title track from his 1978 release FROM THE INSIDE. These were the die-hard fans who, in essence, keep Cooper's career alive. And judging from his stage show, he knows this all too well.

It's still as freaky today as it was 20 years ago watching that snake twist and wind its body around him.

The audience was loud, obnoxious and full of energy as Cooper ended the show with Under My Wheels. For anyone who misses hard rock, just take a look at the next Cooper show and you'll feel right at home.

Dokken brought their blend of 80's metal...a lackluster set which answered any questions regarding the demise of this genre, as well as this band.