Originally Published: June 1988

News Report

SHEFFIELD'S blind labour MP David Blunkett called for a ban on Alice Cooper after the first date of his 1988 British tour had 'em fainting in the aisles. The show included a hanging sequence, throat-slittings, disembowellments and baby mutilation - all simulated we hasten to add. At the climax of the 90 minute show, fans in the front row were soaked by gallons of theatrical blood.

"I'm horrified by this man's behaviour" raged Blunkett."It's an indication of the sick society we're moving into." Sounds to us more like the same act Alice has been peddling for over 15 years now.

One would have thought that at this moment in time a Labour MP's thoughts would be more usefully directed towards the state of the NHS, the budget that redistributed wealth from the poor to the rich and the upcoming poll tax and security cuts than towrds showbiz. Those surely are the proof that the sick society is already here...