Rolling Stone

Originally Published: 1989

Random Notes

"I love the old Hollywood stunt," says shock rocker Alice Cooper of his decision to promote his album Trash by storming through various American cities aboard a garbage truck. A poetic idea, perhaps, but the plan hit a snag in one Texas town when officials vetoed the loan of a truck.

"Can you imagine?" Cooper asks. "Is that the absolute insult of all time? They thought that me being inside their trash truck would be, like, bad for their image." The town finally relented and gave Cooper use of the truck - but only after he forked over a cool million in insurance. "I guess they were afraid we'd get it dirty," he says.

Cooper is on tour in support of the album - which was recently certified platinum - and, although he says the current show is less theatrical than past outings, he hasn't abandoned all his old toys: The guillotine, he says, is back by popular demand.