Rolling Stone

Originally Published: March 27, 1975

News Report

When are the dead babies and flayed chickens of yesteryear? Down on the unemploment line like everybody else. Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare tour/show will feature six-foot black widow spiders instead of the aforementioned meat. Two dancers in spider suits will caper about a 12' x 20' web suspended across the stage by a pair of conical aluminum towers while Alice wails from a giant bed at center stage. Cooper's manager Shep Gordon, says, "It's just like a cheap Japanese horror movie." Also on the program: a chorus line dressed in skeleton suits (with Alice in white tie and tails for that number) and a ten-foot Cyclops monster. Meanwhile, from rehearsal hall in Hollywood, Alice spoke wistfully of former president Richard Nixon, for whom he voted in '72: "The craziest thing he ever did in his life was not to go to Vegas. He plays the piano, right? He could get up there with his tapes and his piano and draw more than Elvis. I'd pay to see him."