Rolling Stone

Originally Published: January 02, 1975

News Report

Revised Alice Cooper bulletin: We reported last issue that Alice's band was not splitting. In fact, the band has at least temporarily disintegrated for Alice's next album, Welcome To My Nightmare. Internecine rumblings sprouted from Chicago columnist Bob Greene's book, Billion Dollar Babies, covering the group's winter tour 1972-1973. Greene tells us Alice "was scared and upset about what he was doing . . . falling apart." Manager Shep Gordon says, "It's a beautifully written book, but so many things are taken out of context." As to the band's rumored crackup: "Everybody has decided well before the tour was over to do solo projects." Meanwhile, Alice attended the November 30th wedding of new guitarist Dick Wagner (former Lou Reed crony) to Elizabeth "Lizard" Marsh of Grosse Ile, Michigan. Alice served as best man. Also in attendance, Alice's other new sidemen: Steve Hunter, Prakash John and Penti Glan, along with Grand Funk Railroad and estranged manager, Terry Knight. The Grosse Ile ceremony was not civil but the guests were.