Rock Sound

Originally Published: July 2000

Brutal Planet Review

Author: John Deamer

Brutal Planet
Eagle Records

The eternal return rears its ugly head again. Alice was once imitated, then came along nu-metal, and now Alice is copying those who might've listened to him when they were in high school. Plagiarism of Korn's seven-string assault, undermined by Randy Rhondes solos will not get Alice anywhere but on late MTV (Europe) Super-Rock. And it's a concept album. If you're under forty, in the 70s there were silly are school cock-rock onanists who though it'd be cool to write an (unbearably long) album based around a unifying theme. Add a dose of token global ecology and you've got a sanctimonious take that falls somewhere between an elongated video for Megadeth's 'Hanger 18', and Anita Roddick's Body Shop (food) chain. Alice is as much a part of the USA as is MacDonalds, so why should he take offence at Styrofoam and Reebok sweathouses?