Rock On

Rock On - August 13th, 1971

Rock On
(August 13, 1971)

Originally Published: August 13, 1971

Swing The Sword, Paint Your Face, and Electrify The Stage, It's Alice Cooper Time

Author: Trevor Dollier

The stage was so dark, as everyone looked towards it, "what is it?" they said? A cry from the audience came WE LOVE YOU ALICE COOPER. The it hit, and the stage lit up. Alice Cooper, the MC yelled. Dressed in blue like the night was Alice Cooper, as he turned with a hammer in his hand. He dropped to his knees and started to hit the floor. Music pierced the ears of every soul in the audience as Alice, the beautiful, started to sing. "LOOK, LOOK" the audience yelled, as Alice beat the stage to death. They ended the song and everyone screamed. Alice with his wild black hair and painted face, looked up, and said, in a voice that sounded like Mae West. "I Didn't Know You Cared."

The stage again went black, as Alice walked to the back of the stage. Alice turned this time with a sword in his hands, and the music again started. Alice walked across the stage, waving his sword high into the air. He walked over to his lead guitarist and ran his sword through his hair, and then to a girl in the audience. Alice sang, and his voice rang out into everyone's mind. And then the song broke into "I'm Eighteen" and everyone screamed, as Alice sang their latest record.

Every look, every sound was so Alice Cooper, so unbelievable, and he smiled at us. They played on, song after song, and the audience looked in amazement, because there is nothing like Alice Cooper and there never will be.

Towards the end of their incredible set, Alice did a song who's name slipped my mind for some reason, in which Alice seems to go insane. Half way through the song a nurse from off the stage, walked up to Alice, and took him off the stage, later to return in a straight-jacket. Alice yelled, "I've got to get out of here, I've got to get out of here." They said they let me out of here. He goes on saying this until he breaks from the straight-jacket, and pantomimes running out of the hospital, and into the street. Then someone brings something on the stage, but it's covered with a sheet. Alice walks over to it, and pulls the sheets off. It's an electric chair with a doll in it. Alice, who by this time, has a pitch folk in his hands, takes the doll and begins to stab it.

Alice runs to the end of the stage with the doll and a policeman comes after him. The officer takes Alice and throws him in the electric chair. Alice can't get out and the cop turns it on. Alice is electrocuted, but he smiled, and jumped up. Everything goes crazy on stage as Alice jumps on top of the chair and his band starts playing a loud hard driving music. Somebody throws Alice a pillow, and he throws the feathers inside of it, on the audience. Another and another pillow was thrown to Alice, and he again throws the feathers on the audience, and different colored smoke started coming up, as Alice runs around the stage. The stage was in ah', no one could believe what was happening on stage. Alice got crazier and crazier, as the band plays louder and wilder.

The audience was going insane, as the feathers flew over them and the different colored smoke got thicker, and thicker. I could hardly believe my eyes. Faster, and faster, louder and louder, wilder and wilder, harder and harder, faster, faster, Alice was going crazy..STOP! The crowd gave Alice a standing ovation, and he smiles and runs off. But the audience wants more and they scream for more.

Alice runs back on stage, and the audience cheered. Thank you, thank you, Alice yells. The audience ran to the front of the stage, and nobody could stop them. No body wanted to "we're having a good time baby," they yelled.

Alice didn't stop there, he ran to the side of the stage and got his sword. But there was money on it this time, and he hung it over the audiences' head. Everyone grabbed for it, and Alice laughed.

Alice Cooper in concert, one hell of a great performer, one hell of a great singer, end even if I need to say it, one hell of a great new album on Warner Bros. Records called ALICE COOPER LOVE IT TO DEATH.