Record Mirror

Originally Published: June 02, 1973

But Alice is a CLEAN liver Mr. Abse

AS MEMBERS of Parliament and their offspring get into the Ban-Alice-Cooper act, the Cooper eyebrows hurtle skywards in surprise that there should be so much fuss.

His mum loves him.... "He's always been unusual", she says with massive understatement.

Salvador Dali votes for Alice.... "A chocolate eclair is the symbol which represents Alice's music", he said as he unveiled that portrait of Alice in a New York art gallery.

Alice is not so sure of Salvador: "The only thing we share is total confusion."

Leo Abse MP, declaimed: "Cooper is peddling the culture of the concentration camp. Pop is one thing - anthems of necrophilia are another."

In fact Alice is clever AND clean. Whiplash Mascara - that's the first in a series of unisex cosmetics being marketed by Alice Cooper in the States.

To come: Alice Cooper perfume, deodorant and rouge. Also, to stress his essential cleanliness: A Take A Bath With Alice bubble-bath.

All of which should give Mr. Abse a further dose of the screaming hab-dabs