Originally Published: August 07, 1991

Concert Review

Judas Priest/Alice Cooper/Motorhead/Dangerous Toys/Metal Church
Irvine Meadows, California

Date 11.7.91
VERDICT: Variety and quality won the day!

.....As the venue lights dim then slowly rally to penetrate the dry ice, we notice the stage is fittingly decorated by a huge skull with gnarled hands. The Master of macabre humour and onstage illusion, Alice Cooper, is here! Even the influence of Desmond Child has failed to turn Alice into a clone of every other band he's worked with - thank God! With a new LP 'Hey Stoopid' just released, Cooper played a very acceptable Greatest Hits package, with 'Under My Wheels', 'Trash', the original 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' (recent redone by Megadeth), 'Billion Dollar Babies', a gory 'Feed My Frankenstein', 'Only Women Bleed' and 'Hey Stoopid' itself all delighted the crowd. Ever a favourite, 'Go To Hell' allowed us all to join Cooper on his journey.