Originally Published: July 24, 1991

Prime Cuts

Author: Phil Alexander

Rating 4 1/2 stars

There was a time when Alice still had malice and a proper band around him. A time when young Vincent Furnier and his sicko friends were tagged as Public Ememy Number One and 'Prime Cuts' pretty much catalogues the man and the band's career of excess from the late '60s throughout the halcyon '70s-era freak outs right up until the modern day where you get Gn'R man Slash laying down the solo to Cooperman's latest offering 'Hey Stoopid'. Thankfully, we're spared the man's down period (early '80s albums such as 'Special Forces' spring to mind) and what you tend to get is material that's genuinely rivetting (check out the video for 'Elected' f'rinstance - now, that's totally classic!) and in places hysterical, coupled with Alice's modern day reminiscences. The closing 'Trash'-and-beyond material is a little lightweight but early Alice fans will find more than their fair share of priceless, camp moments on offer here. Prime cuts indeed.