Originally Published: February 08, 1989

Alice's Child Connection

Alice Cooper is back!! Yes the master of mayhem, the mercurial merchant of gratuitous gore will be unleashed another maliciously molten meisterwerk this summer.

The as-yet-untitled album will be ready for worldwide release in May and Alice has engaged the superlative talents of Desmond Child as co-writer and producer. Child is the man responsible for mega-hits enjoyed by such acts as Kiss, Joan Jett and Bon Jovi. Indeed, members of the Bon Jovi band actually guested on a couple of the new Alice tracks, laid down at Bearsville Studios in Upstate New York. However, whether these will eventually emerge on the album is yet to be determined.

Axeman Kane Roberts has also contributed to the compositions and is naturally to be heard on the grooves. Other parts are played by long-term associates of Mr. Child.

Alice and Co. Are shortly to retire to LA to finish the mix. But when the album does appear it WON'T be on MCA. The parting of the ways has been less than amicable and now Alice is about to sign on the dotted line with another major. Watch this space.