Originally Published: September 1997


Interviewer: " The song Tourniquet by Marilyn Manson is totally Alice Cooper-styled."

"We could say there is an influence on it (smiles). What I liked was their version of Sweet Dreams, they`ve done it very well":

"I recommend to you their show. They are very theatrical. Mr. Manson says that what he doesn`t like about you is the fact that you separate your two personalities. He says he's Manson 24 hours a day".

"I`m sure he is. I don t know him" (now he talks to his manager): "we`re talking about how I separate my personalities and MM don t".

Manager: "Oh , please!"...

"I m sure that Manson goes to McDonalds to eat , as everybody does".(laughing).

Manager: "Don`t believe everything you read. I`m sure he spends all day with those machines (he begans to imitate Manson as in the video clip "The Beautiful People"). I don`t believe that he is riding a pig like in that video in his home, he talks like "oh , I wear make-up all day". I have friends that know him, one of them talked with Manson in New York, it was on Christmas, and when they were saying goodbye, Manson simply said: "Happy Christmas". UUUUhhh , how terrific!".

"Manson is experiencing the same as me. He`s a great actor and besides, he enjoys a lot going to bowlings. Nobody knows that, but he goes there every saturday night, and he`s a winner, he`s the king of the bowlings! (laughing) Where is he from?".

Manager: "He lives in Florida" (on a jocose tone).

"Well, then, let`s say that he lives in the dangerous part of Florida".