Post-Journal - January 13th, 2006

(January 13, 2006)

Originally Published: January 13, 2006

Who's News

Author: Lorrie Lynch

Alice Cooper says the world is so tumultuous even he can't shock an audience anymore. "In the '70s, I would cut my head off [onstage]," he says. "It was shocking, because there was nothing to compare. Now you turn on CNN and there is osmeone really getting his head cut off by terrorists." On his latest CD, Dirty Diamonds, and in an international tour, Cooper, 57, is takign fans back to '70s music that's not overproduced. And he finds offstage pursuits more arresting, like "the idea that Alice Cooper plays golf well enough to play with Tiger Woods. To me, that's shocking."

(Originally published in the USA Weekend supplement of the Post-Journal - Jamestown, NY - dated January 13-15, 2006)