Post Dispatch

Originally Published: January 15, 1988


Boycott Alice Cooper

I strongly urge parents to keep their children away from the Alice Cooper concert tomorrow night. The band plans an evening of simulated violence and mayhem complete with beatings, dismemberment and gore, or in Cooper's words, "the biggest bloodbath ever." Much of this violence is directed at the most vulnerable members of our society, women and children, and at animals. To make it all seem as real as possible, the band uses special effects, lighting and "blood" to splash on the audience.

Studies have shown that television violence is harmful to children and has a desensitizing effect on us all. Surely a live performance billed as a tribute to slasher movies would be disturbing to young and old alike. I cannot agree with Cooper that he and the band are "just a bunch of boys from the Midwest having a good time."

I object to renting public halls such as Kiel to groups that put on violent shows. I hope St. Louisans stay away in droves.

Constance A. Deschamps

Spanish Lake