Phoenix Gazette

Originally Published: November 12, 1992

Rock 'n' Rescue

Valley rock star's fund-raising effort saves fan's house

There was Live Aid

Then Farm Aid.

Then Patrick Kelly Aid.

Patrick Kelly Aid?

Riverside Calif., homeowner Kelly recieved a mortgage saving $13,044.52 check from rocker Alice Cooper Thursday at The Roxy. Cooper raised the money with an autograph session and an auction.

The Valley rock n roll star came to the rescue after hearing about Kelly's financial straits.

Kelly, 32, bought a $265,000. Riverside home five years ago, hoping to make money reselling it. But California's flat housing market sank property values like the Titanic.

When Kelly couldn't sell the 2,000 square-foot home, he fell behind on the mortgage.

To "release some stress", Kelly painted a likeness of Cooper, the famous Rolling Stones' lip insignia and other rock-oriented images on the house in bright florescent paint.

"Alice is kind of like the Rolling Stones of heavy metal," Kelly says. Cooper saw CNN reports about Kelly and offered help through an ad hoc Rock to the Rescue effort.

He drew a crowd of more than 3,500 people to an autograph session in Kelly's front yard on Nov. 22.

"It reminded me of 'It's a Wonderful Life'," Cooper says. "People were coming in with $3 here, $5. there, $10 here, until the job was done. It was certainly the longest autograph session I've ever done. It lasted five or six hours."

Cooper then hosted a syndicated radio auction Saturday, selling rock n roll memorabilia donated by friends, including Aerosmith, Kiss, Billy Idol and Guns n Roses.

The two events raised more than $10,000. In addition, Ozzy Osbourne sent a $1,00. check, and Eugene, Ore., radio station KLCX raised another $1,000 from it's listeners.

"I was surprised when I caught the first news of it," Kelly says about Coopers efforts. "I didn't think it would get anyone's attention except the neighbors and the local cops...I think he's a hell of a nice guy for doing something like this. I never expected it."

The check was quickly transferred from Kelly to Pam Beck, vice president of San Bernardino-based Standard Mortgage. Beck says it brings Kell's mortgage up to date.

Kelly's next $1,300 mortgage payment is due in January. He says he's looking for work, but "it won't be in real estate."

Cooper says he hopes his strategy of helping needy fans on an individual basis sets an example.

"People in rock n roll live in such a fantasy world" Cooper says. "It's one of those things where I think we forget there are a lot of people out there one or two payments away from the street.

"This may catch on. I would like to see Rock to the Rescue continue on...I know you can't go around saving everyone losing their house, but maybe this could spark some thing. This is such a good idea somebody should take it and really get it going... Helping the guy next door, that's the important thing."

Does this altuistic act mean Cooper has to retire "No More Mr. Nice Guy" from his concert list?

"I guess so," Cooper says, laughing.

(also a picture of AC and Kelly holding a check, reads, Valley rock star Alice Cooper helped fan Patrick Kelly of Riverside, Calif., avoid losing his home by holding an autograph session and selling rock n roll memorabilia to raise $13,044.52. Cooper presented the check on Thursday.)