Originally Published: November 19, 1992

News Report

Portrait Puts Rocker in Picture Alice Cooper may come to the rescue of a man who included the rocker's face in a psychedelic paint job on his foreclosed home in Riverside, Calif. "I'm not sure what we're going to do," Toby Mamis, Cooper's agent, said of Patrick Kelly's plight. "We could help him get a loan, and get some publicity for Alice. Mr. Kelly obviously has good taste in music." "One stipulation would be that he can't paint over the house," Mamis said in The Press Enterprise in Riverside. The house, which didn't sell even after its asking price was dropped from $258,000 to $180,000, faces a Tuesday foreclosure sale. The Alice Cooper fan spent three days on the paint job last week in frustration over his inability to sell the house he bought as an investment. Earlier this week, Kelly said he would repaint the house white before departing because neighbors had complained. But he might preserve the pop art if Cooper helps prevent foreclosure. "Hey, it would be Alice's home," Kelly said.