People - 1992


Originally Published: 1992

Worthy Tribute

A funny thing keeps happening to Alice Cooper since his cameo in the hit movie Wayne's World. Cooper, 44, who lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., says now when he goes to movies or a 7-Eleven, fans make like Wayne and Garth, going overboard on paying him homage. "Somebody says, 'Hey, Alice,' and it immediately starts: 'We're not worthy, we're not worthy!' Everyplace I go now, same thing," says Cooper. "I was at a [Phoenix] Sun [basketball] game, and there was a whole section going, 'We're not worthy, we're not worthy!' " How does Cooper feel about all this fan appreciation? "[My] last album was titled Hey Stoopid. So for a year I had to hear, 'Hey, stupid!' This is better."