Nottingham Evening Post

Originally Published: December 05, 2009

Alice Cooper, Royal Concert Hall

Author: Matthew Smith

OPTING for a theatre venue before a gaping arena, the shock rocker emphasised that the theatrics of his show are intensified in such a setting.

Having dubbed his tour the 'Theatre of Death Tour', the Royal Concert Hall was a perfect location for the unique rock and roll extravaganza that was about to take place before the seated audience.

A gigantic and ghoulish backdrop covered the stage as an eerie introduction set the scene superbly. A school bell rang throughout the venue as the rebellious anthem School's Out kicked off the night's proceedings.

Donned in a top hat with a staff grasped in his hand, the frontman graced the stage with rock and roll presence and swagger. With mysterious masked assailants prowling the stage, the theatrical feel of the show was bought to life when Alice Cooper stabbed one of the attackers in the chest in an almost realistic manner.

Mixing elements of a classic rock and roll show with mind blowing stunts, both made for an engrossing, energetic and scintillating performance. Throughout the night the ringleader was brutally guillotined, hung from a noose and gouged with a giant syringe. Each entertaining stunt reinforced the singer's reputation not only as a mesmerizing showman, but as a true rock star as well.

Choosing to ignore the seating option, the majority of the sold-out audience kept the atmosphere to a high level throughout the night. Aided by a superb backing band, Mr Cooper kept the hits such as I'm Eighteen and Poison coming thick and fast, making for a heart stopping set.

As the encore of School's Out was blasted out for the second time of the night, the Royal Concert Hall showed their appreciation with a standing ovation, proving why Alice Cooper has deservedly reached such legendary and pioneer status.

(Originally appeared online at the This Is Nottingham website on the 5th December 2009)