New Musical Express

Originally Published: August 02, 1975

Alice: gigs set

After much speculation concerning a September visit but Alice Cooper, he was this week officially confirmed for three British dates - they are Wembley Empire Pool (September 11 and 12) and Liverpool Empire (14). Alice will be starring in his brand new production "Welcome To My Nightmare", with which he has recently been touring America, and his British gigs are part of a seven-nation European tour.

The show, which is described as a "theatrical rock production" as opposed to an orthodox concert, involves 35 artists - including several dancers. A story-line, concerning Alice’s nightmares as a youngster, runs through the presentation - and it is these dreams which form the various episodes, linked by Alice in a massive bed!

Promoter Harvey Goldsmith, for John Smith Entertainments, told NME: "There are numerous novelty effects, including a huge monster and a spider's web, plus lots of dancing. It's the most elaborate and expensive tour of its kind to date, and there are only a limited number of venues capable of accommodating it. In fact, we shall have some difficulty squeezing it into Liverpool Empire."

The show is directed and choreographed by David Winters and designed by Joe Gannon, who previously worked on Alice's "Billion Dollar Babies" tour and the recent Neil Diamond show in America. It will be Cooper's first appearance in Britain for 2 and-a-half years.

Other dates on his European tour schedule are in Stockholm (August 31), Gothenberg (September 1), Copenhagen (3), Bremen (4), Stuggart (5), Ludwigshaven (6), Vienna (8), Paris (16), Antwerp (17), Hamburg (19) and Dortmund (20). The production then travels on to Australia to complete it eight-month itinerary.

Tickets for Wembley are priced at 2.50, 2, and 1.50, and are available immediately by mail order; the box-office opens to personal callers next Monday (4). Liverpool are also accepting postal bookings at 2.50, 2.25, 2, and 1.50, with any remaining tickets being sold at the box-office from August 18th. Please note that postal applicants are restricted to tour tickets each.