New Musical Express

Originally Published: March 23, 1974

Two-hour Alice Film - But No Gigs

Alice Cooper flew into London last weekend - "just to say hello", he commented, though he also spent some time negotiating a deal for the British distribution of his upcoming feature. The movie, which has the working title of "Hard Hearted Alice", is expected to open here in May - but there are no plans for Alice gigs here in the foreseeable future.

The film is largely an account of Cooper's lengthy "Billion Dollar Babies" American package tour. It features lengthy concert sequences, plus some location work shot on the beach in California. It runs for two hours, and is currently in the final editing stage.

Alice is at present getting together a brand new stage show. He said this will probably be premiered in the States before he considers bringing it overseas. He added there is a chance of British dates "much later in the year", but his British promoter Harvey Goldsmith commented: "I was with Alice for several hours, but the question of concerts here never arose." Alice flew out on Monday.