New Musical Express

Originally Published: January 19, 1974

Return of the vomit-stained sailor

Alice Cooper: "Teenage Lament '74" (Warner Brothers).

The man in the vomit-stained sailor suit striked back! Alice and that miserable bunch of louse-ridden boil suckers that he dares to refer to as a group, proudly enter '74 with a tasteful pastiche of '50s self-pity all about what a drag it is being a kid and being pushed around by your elders and not being allowed to play guitar as loudly as one would want. Sob. I find it quite startling attractive, but how long are today's kid going to be content to have their fantasies dictated to them by tired old men like Alice Cooper, Gary Glitter and Chinn and Chapman (or for that matter, Steve Harley?). I shall look forward to the opportunity to play this endlessly, but then I'll never see fifteen again, either.