Neath and Port Talbot Courier

Originally Published: June 06, 2000

Three of rocks most venerable institutions Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper, all have new albums out.

Motorhead's latest offering is titled 'we are motorhead'. it is basically more of the same from lemmy and co, but hugely enjoyable never the less.

Iron Maiden with bruce dickinson back on lead vocals after a seven year absence, returns to the fray with 'brave new world'. Maiden fans will be pleased to know that this new album is a stunning return to form after iron maiden's lacklustre previous two records with the now thankfully departed singer blaze bailey.

Alice Cooper's new record is the best of the bunch. alice has always combined intelligent lyrics with fantastic music and this album is no exeption. brutal planet contains some of the heaviest guitar riffs that have ever appeared on an alice cooper album. The songs contain pertinent observations on the state of the world and the corrupting influence of evil. all in all brutal planet is an exellent album from one of the most underated songwriters in music today. alice's forthcoming concert in newport can't come soon enough.