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Originally Published: July 28, 2008

Album Review: Along Came A Spider

Author: Karen Whaley

Along Came a Spider
Alice Cooper
Steamhammer / SPV

For his 25th album, Cooperís alter ego, Schizo Steven, is a serial killer who wraps his victims in silk and removes a leg from each of them until he can collect eight and build his own super spider.

Though lacking the musical sophistication of Welcome to My Nightmare or any one song on par with enduring rock staples like Schoolís Out or Poison, the more brutal hard rock of Along Came a Spider contains enough hooks to please the faithful. At 60, Cooperís sneering delivery hasnít deteriorated. Guest guitarist Slash, a longtime Cooper compatriot, enlivens the catchy Vengeance is Mine to such a degree that the track sounds like an outtake from Appetite for Destruction.