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Motion Picture - October 1974 (USA)

Motion Picture
(October 1974)

Originally Published: October 1974

Sex With The Rock Stars

How far does it really go?

Author: John J. Miller

Behind the glittering kaleidoscope that is the world of rock music there exists an ever-changing myriad of life-styles, cultures, and counter cultures. "What beats me," Alice Cooper says, "is that every oe of the great silent uninitiated - those people on the outside looking in - think that everyone in rock is a far-out freak with an indiscriminate and insatiable appetite for sex. That's a bum rap. We're really the same as they are. Some of us are freaky - and a few are really freaks. Most of us in rock are as ordinary as all those people putting us down. The difference is that we do what we have to do openly, without all the guilt those people are into. They do the same things - only they do it in closets. They lie to their kids. I tell their kids the truth. They know I'm telling their kids the truth - and they hate me for it.

"The freakiest things done by rock stars are with groupies. Groupies are mad, far-out, evil - most of all honest, and therefore guiltless, kids. They'll give you sex or anything else as fast as I'll give you a can of beer. I love them all. They're the kids of those people who think there's someting wrong with me. Rock stars don't corrupt kids. On the contrary, it's kids who break down doors and risk their necks to corrupt rock stars."

Alice Cooper, who claims he's just as ordinary and conservative as those parents who condemn him, was born Vincent Damon Furnier 26 years ago in Phoneix, Arizona - where his father is still preacher at the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ. He voted for Richard Nixon in '72. He drinks beer endlessly but doesn't bother with martinis of Scotch. He puts down drugs with more fervor than any parent. He likes James Bond movies, playing game in penny arcades, and is addicted to golf. Alice lives with his girlfriend, Cindy Lang, a model whom he describes as "my best friend."

"I'm not gay," Alice explains, "I named myself Alice because it was the most American name I could think of. I'm so straight that it's boring. I'm not into any gay scenes at all. I don't even go in for group sex. I can't get involved in that at all. I'venever tried it. I just know it wouldn't be for me. It's too human an dI don't like doing human things.

"I think sex is really healthy. As long as nobody gets pregnant or hurt - then whatever kind of sex is right for you is healthy. I'm all for gays and group sex and orgies for other people. That scene just isn't right for me.

"I like Cindy. That's more important than loving her. That means that I can have as much fun playing pool with her as I can having sex with her.

"I'm not going to marry her - ever! Marriage is just a piece of paper.

"Sex openness is really healthy. In two years or so, it's not going to be a case of bi, homo, lesbian, or heterosexual sex. Sex is just going to be sex, taht's all. What I'm doing today is preparing kids for future shock. I'm preparing the kids because their parent's aren't."

That old ordinary conservative Alice points out that: "Sex and love are totally different. Sex is just a thing to do - like running a mile. Love is so much more.

"Society dictates that a person should have sex with the person they love and never anyone else. Now think of how much better things would be if that was reversed - if you couldn't have sex with the person you loved, but you could with everyone else! Sex would then be accepted as just a thing to do, like it is, and it wouldn't mess up all the great loves, like it constantly does."

Aside from Cindy, there is another female in Alice's life - Yvonne. Yvonne is a huge boa constrictor snake that Alice uses in his act.

"During some numbers in the act," Alice explains, "I hold Yvonne in a very sensual way, stroking, caressing, and sticking my tongue out at her. Most people think that's sex. It's not. It's love.

"I wouldn't have sex with Yvonne. I love her."

When Alice was growing up to be the solid conservative citizen he is today, his idols were the Beatles, the most fabulous foursome ever to explode onto the music scene. Today they've all gone their seperate ways and into life-styles as distinct as their individual brands of music have become.

Unlike Cooper's claim that he's well adjusted and trying to adjust the rest of the world to become as well as he is, there's John Lennon, 34 years old, going through a divorce with Yoko Ono and living with his new Oriental love, May Pang - the lovely lass who used to be Yoko's personal secretary.