Originally Published: August 11, 2009

Alice Cooper spot for U.K. television filmed in Jackson

Author: Chris Gautz

Television viewers in the United Kingdom will get a glimpse of downtown Jackson and rocker Alice Cooper next month. Film crews were here Monday and today to shoot a 60-second commercial for Sony TV, although viewers in Jackson likely will never see the ad.

Location manager Cathy Thomas of Ann Arbor said the commercial features Cooper and some of his former managers and roadies recalling the old days, including when the star would throw TVs out of hotel room windows. During the weekend, crews from London, New York, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor and the Detroit area came to Jackson.

"They were looking for locations with a '70s theme to them,'' said Jackson Community Development Director Carol Konieczki, who said the city worked to accommodate their needs.

The commercial also will include scenes of Cooper walking into the Michigan Theatre and a shot of the stage piled high with busted televisions. The final shot shows Cooper's tour bus pulling away with fans and groupies chasing behind on foot.

(Originally published online on the Mlive website, on 11th August 2009.)