Miami Herald

Originally Published: April 27, 1999

Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper Album Review

Author: Howard Cohen

ALICE COOPER "The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper" (Warner Archives/Rhino)

Hey, Marilyn Manson fans, check this out. A four-CD boxed set from the original shock rocker, Alice Cooper. A shock rocker who understood that gross-outs were fine, but you needed the songs at the end of the day to truly matter. Cooper had plenty. The first two CDs capture Cooper's '70s heyday: "School's Out," the ultimate kiss-off to principals you couldn't stand; "I'm Eighteen," teen-age wasteland's theme song; "Cold Ethyl," a song about necrophilia that once spawned an Ann Landers diatribe. The latter CDs follow Cooper's move toward pop crooner ("You and Me"), New Wave dilettante ("Clones (We're All)") and Bon Jovi impersonator ("Poison"). And you gotta love the cover: a three-dimensional shot of Cooper in jail. Feast on that, Manson.