Metro Weekend

Originally Published: August 01, 1996

Welcome To His Nightmare

When Alice Cooper first exploded onto the music scene back in the early 70s, he forever changed the face of music, fashion and the way we view authority. Parents were horrified as his songs touched a nerve and served as anthems for teen-agers of all ages worldwide. Countless gold and platinum awards followed this man called Alice everywhere he went. "Eighteen", "School's Out" and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" are just a few of Alice Cooper's best known hits. Famous for his theatrical stage shows, Cooper has never disappointed fans. His antics have include throwing cash back into audience, singing with a boa constrictor wrapped around his body, ripping the heads off of baby dolls, and depicting his own demise and resurrection. Alice Cooper has had himself beheaded, electrocuted and hung. He has been beaten up by a gang of thugs, battled with monsters and mad dentists, and has escaped from straight jackets and black widow spiders. No one ever leaves an Alice Cooper concert feeling calm! Drained maybe, but never calm. Alice Cooper will be performing with the Scorpions at the Erie County Fair on Friday, August 16 at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale now at Agri-Center Box Office (649-3900, ext. 415 or 416) and all Ticketmaster locations including Kaufmann's, Movies Plus and Music Plus. Charge by phone at 852-5000. Reserved Grandstand Bleachers and VIP Box/Center Bleachers seats are $19.50, Track and VIP Track seats are $24.00. The Erie County Fair Grandstand stage features a new overhead sound system which now provides a clear view of the stage from all seats. All advanced sale concert tickets include Free admission to the Fair on the day of the show. The concert is sponsored by Metro Weekend and WGRF-97 ROCK.

(Published in the Metro Weekend dated August 1st – 7th 1996)