Melody Maker

Originally Published: May 17, 1975

Superstars on sci-fi album

John Entwistle, Alice Cooper, Jim Dandy, Frankie Miller, Jim Dewar, Maddy Prior, Nicky Hopkins, Keith Moon, Bill Burford and Justin Hayward are among the rock superstars who have made contributions to a new rock concept album, "Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6."

The album follows the soft-porn adventures of a spoof 1940s sci-fi superhero, Flash Fearless, on a planet inhabited by a race of Amazons, the Zorg Women. The story was written by four men, Rick Jones, Steve Hammond, Weston Gavin adn Dave Pierce, who were contacted by Ox producer John Alcock, who thought the idea would provide an opportunity for superstars to come together for an album which would not be the usual jams.

Who bass player Entwistle is the only musician to play on all ther tracks, but a nucleus of the Faces' Kenny Jones, Nicky Hopkins on piano, Entwistle, Justin Hayward and Ox guitarist Robert Johnson gradually developed. Others who had never played together also joined in.

Producer Alcock views the adventures of Flash on lubricious planet as "a breath of fresh air in rock music."

But he sees the record as a straight rock album, and not necessarily tied to the West End theatre production, which is projected for later in teh summer. It is not thought likely that any of those on the record will be appearing.