Melody Maker

Originally Published: January 25, 1975

Cooper Signs Secret Deal

Alice Cooper has signed with Atlantic Records after five years on the Warner label. As yet the details of the deal are being kept secret, but Alice was due to sign contracts on Monday afternoon. All that's being said at the moment is that Atlantic will distribute Alice's solo album "Welcome To My Nightmare" in the US and Canada. Details concerning his record outlet for the rest of the world, the sums involved and future recordings are expected to be released in a couple of weeks.

It's been no secret in the business, however, that Alice and his management's relationship with Warners has become strained over the past six months. Therefore the news that Alice has joined Atlantic comes as no surprise.

As previosuly reported Alice goes back on the road this Spring for what is shaping up to be the longest tour in rock history. He'll visit 90 cities during four months, beginning in April and closing the second week in July. New York dates have been scheduled for May.

Meanwhile Alice is due to make a 90-minute TV special for NBS, and can be heard doing the back-up vocals on Rick Derringer's next solo album, sharing the job with David Johansen of the New York Dolls, who, contrary to much speculation, are not splitting up . . . yet.