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Melody Maker - 5th October 1974

Melody Maker
(October 05, 1974)

Originally Published: October 05, 1974

Alice Cooper: solo album with Lou Reed's musicians

Now - an Alice biography

Author: Chris Charlesworth

Alice Cooper was back in New York this week playing golf with his biographer, New York author Steven Gaines. Gaines is writing Alice's story with full co-operation from Alive Enterprises, the Cooper company.

Recently Alice has been in Toronto working on his solo album with producer Bob Ezrin. Five tracks have been completed and there are three more to do. None of the rest of the Cooper band are involved, and the musicians on the sessions include most of those who played on Lou Reed's "Berlin" album.

The solo album is actually a movie soundtrack for a film starring Alice which will be shot next year. According to various rumours the shooting will take place in England during January, but this has still to be confirmed.

Groucho Marx entertained Alice Cooper for dinner and presented the singing star with Groucho's very own round satin bed. Said Groucho: "I hope you have better luck in it than I ever did."