Melody Maker

Originally Published: June 24, 1974

Alice's house burns down

Author: Chris Charlesworth

The Alice Cooper Mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, was razed to the ground by fire last week. At the time Alice was in Los Angeles, but damage to the house and surrounding buildings is in the region of $350,000.

Cooper and his band moved into the house - formerly owned by actor Warner Baxton - in August, 1971. They stayed there all the time up to the Billion Dollar Babies tour of last year before moving into places of their own. They rented the place - and it was still in their name when the fire occurred.

Guitarist Glen Buxton who lives close by, watched 150 firemen attack the flames while a Cooper roadie, who lives on the estate and looks after equipment stored there, was also on hand. The alarm, though, was raised by a neighbour.

Official reason for the blaze was "an electrical fault."