Melody Maker

Originally Published: January 19, 1974

TV Warlock Role for Alice

ALICE COOPER will be making his first non-singing appearance on American television mid - way through March in a TV movie entitled 'The Snoop Sisters'. Shooting starts in Los Angeles next week.Alice will be playing a bar owner and also a warlock in the movie, which is a mystery detective yarn about two old ladies -- the Snoop Sisters -- who turn detectives to solve a crime they become involved with. It will be the second appearance by the Snoop Sisters on American TV, but the first involving Alice. The complete show will be broadcast ton MBC Channel 4 around 9 a.m.,,probably on March 5 to 12, lasting around two hours.

Cooper is hoping to get his name in the Guinness Book of Records through having more albums banned than any other artist, His latest album, 'Muscle of Love,' already certified gold, was nearly added to a long line of Cooper records that have been banned for various reasons --immorality ("Love it To Death" - USA), sacrilege ("Killer" - Mexico), failure to comply With Trade Commission standards ("School's Out" - USA) and failure to meet with FBI approval on reproduction of photos of United States currency ("Billion Dollar Babies" - USA). "Muscle of Love" cameunder scrutiny in South Africa where the inner sleeves depicting Alice and group outside the "Institute of Nude Wrestling" were considered obscene by the Customs and Vice Squads. The albums were finally allowed into the country without the offending material.