Melody Maker

Originally Published: June 09, 1973

Alice Cooper debags Nixon

ALICE COOPER, in the final week of their giant American tour, came up with another great gimmick at the end of their Sunday show at New York's Madison Square Gardens. On came this dark suited gentleman who is the spit of Richard Nixon. He waved his arm at the audience in a triumphant gesture before the group picked him up bodily and appeared to debag him, reports Michael Watts.

Another innovation, less dramatic but more gory, was that after the guillotine scene the rest of the group brought onstage the headless corpse and hacked it to pieces.

In general their theatre concept is tired after three months on the road. Alice himself look tired to death of it all.

He showed, however, that he is acutely aware of being a product of his fans. "I think you're crazier than I am." he told them at one point.

"You know what?" he called to them. "I'm probably the best friend you ever had."

As the show started the full house kept up a barrage of noise, letting off fire crackers and waving sparklers.