Metal Hammer

Originally Published: August 1999

Humanary Stew Album Review

Author: Jerry Ewin

Humanary Stew - A Tribute To Alice Cooper

DO people actually buy tribute albums? Or are they all far too happy listening to the real thing? It's one question I've never been able to figure out, but given the abundance of the things that have appeared of late, I guess there must be something to it. One problem with tribute albums is frequently the players themselves (i.e., too paltry a selection of nobodies). That's not the case with this Alice Cooper tribute.

Here we've got Guns N'Roses' Slash backing The Who's Roger Daltrey on "No More Mr. Nice Guy," Def Leppard's Joe Elliott and Phil Collen performing "Under My Wheels," Vince Neil and Mick Mars doing "Cold Ethyl," Ronnie James Dio singing "Welcome To My Nightmare" with Toto's Steve Lukather, Dee Snider and Zakk Wylde getting together for "Go To Hell" and Megadeth duo Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman playing "School's Out."

Elsewhere, members of Alice In Chains and the Sex Pistols strut their stuff in homage to the venerable Coop. It's all fairly faithful renditions of original classics with the vocalists doing their finest Cooper-isms and no real surprises in track choice. Only Bruce Dickinson's hammy overacting spoils the overall effect on "Black Widow." That aside, Cooper fans will find this an enjoyable tribute, as will fans of elder rock statesmen. (7)