Metal Hammer

Originally Published: October 30, 1989

Alice Auditions

Alice Cooper, master of gore, is touring the U.K. In December. The tour originally planned for the New Year has been brought forward in response to public demand.

We spoke to Alice about his plans for the tour and why it had been brought forward.

"There has been so much success with the album in Britain and Europe we thought we'd better come over soon! We were originally going to start in the States but when we saw how well it was all doing we decided to come right over with new show."

It will be an all new show featuring a lot of material from 'Trash'. It will also feature a section of around half an hour where we go through old favourites of songs and theatrics. At one point we are going to throw it open completely and whoever shouts loudest will get the song they want. The show overall will be longer but will be less gory than before and will be more in the line of a 'Billion Dollar Babies' type show."

Alice will be taking out a new band with him. We asked him whether they had sorted out the new line-up yet?

"Well we're still auditioning new guitarists. We've got about twenty five guys down at the moment which we shall be narrowing down to about five. The real test will be how well they get used to the theatrical side of the show."

Will you still have Ken Mary on drums?

"No, we'll have a new drummer too! The new band will be announced soon. Many of the guys we are auditioning are unknown but I guess in a couple of years they'll probably be famous enough to do their own solo projects like Kane Roberts did!"

Are you still keeping your snake in the show?

"Yeah, the snake comes with the show! It has a real fascination for photographers and it's great watching to see who's going to be the first to leave the pit, it's always the biggest, toughest guys too!"

So that's good news for Alice fans and bad new for photographers! Alice's dates so far announced are:

December 5th, Glasgow SECC, 7th Whitely Bay Ice Rink, 10th Wembley Arena, 11th Wembley Arena, 14th Birmingham NEC.

As a post script to this, we understand there are two British musicians in the running to join the line-up. Tim Rushton (drums) and Charles Hanna (bass) flew out to Los Angeles at the request of Alice and two of only twenty five musicians called for audition.

Tim and Charles were both members of the now defunct Parga.