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KFIF Boss News - 19th August 1966 (Tucson, Arizona)

KFIF Boss News
(August 19, 1966)

Originally Published: August 19, 1966

The Spiders

About two years ago a group called the Spiders, started out as a joke in a talent show for their school. Since then they have been together and doing quite well. They are a top band.

The first time they were in Tucson they were on tour in Arizona with the Byrds. When a reported asked the Byrds what they thought of the Spiders they said they were one of thes best bands in the Southwest that they had traveled with.

Some other groups that they have appeared with are: The Yardbirds, Loving Spoonfuls, Peter & Gordon, Bobby Fuller Four, Sunrays, Hollies and The Momas & Papas, to name a few.

The Spiders have made several records including Don't Blow Your Mind Away and Why Don't You Love Me.

The memebers of the band are: Glen Buxton, who goes to Glendale Community College, has blonde hair and plays lead guitarand is 6', 18 years of age and has the longest hair.

Dennis Dunaway plays bass guitar, likes shiny boots is 6', 19 years of age and goes to Glendale Community College.

Vince Furnier is 5'9" the lead singer, 18 attends Cortez High and thought up the name of the group. He plays harmonica.

John Speer drums is 6' with his boots on, 18 and attends Glendale Community College.

Mike Bruce is 18, 5'9 and plays rhythm guitar.

On an earlier visit to KFIF, the Spiders related how they all prefer long sleeved shirts but often fans partially destroy a shirt of two by tearing out bit from the back and sleeve areas. The Spiders are seriously thinking of cutting up a few shirts in order to had out "on the spot" samples.