Originally Published: November 06, 1999

Book Review

Author: Ian Fortnam

The Illustrated Collector's Guide to Alice Cooper
Dale Sherman
(Collector's Guide Publishing, £12.95)

Comprehensive guide to all things Alice Cooper-related.

WHILE LIFE is generally considered to be far too short, it would appear that for Dale Sherman there are simply way too many hours in the day. Witness this excruciatingly detailed tome dealing with every single scrap of AC-related flotsam to have ever been belched onto the cultural foreshore.

While Coop is undoubtedly way beyond Godhead status in all matters rock, the Brazilian catalogue number of 'Raise Your Fist and Yell' is really of little interest. Fans will be disappointed by the cursory and cribbed biographical snippets which pepper the text and, ultimately such heavily anoraked interview-free minutiae really belongs in some dim and distant corner of the internet.