Kerrang! - 12th July 1997

(July 12, 1997)

Originally Published: July 12, 1997

The Last Word

The Ultimate questions on life, sex and naked twister. This week, Alice Cooper chews the fat with Ray Zell...

Author: Ray Zell

Last time you had a nightmare?

"Just two nights ago. It's the nightmare every musician gets just before a touur. I'm about to go onstage and I find that the band is a totally different band and they tell me that they're doing all new songs. And there's 20,000 people ouut there, and I walk out and I don't know any of the songs. I've had many versions of that dream."

Last Great Alice Cooper rumour?

"There's a character in the States called Captain Kangaroo, and the guy who plays him has been on TV for 40 years.

Supposedly, he's my father!" "But I don't think he is. I can't remember my father being Captain Kangaroo..."

Last time you cried?

"I Never Cry"

Last time you spoke to a member of the original Alice Cooper band?

"I spoke to Neal (Smith - drummer) about 4 days ago. I talk to Neal all the time. He's in real estate, but he still plays with local bands for the fun of it."

Last scary film you saw?

"'Scream' was pretty good. I think that was the last really good horror movie."

Last Temptation?

"Oh, that's easy - I am the biggest chocolate lover. I'm getting ready for this tour, I'm really getting in shape, I run five miles a night.... and then I go and finish it off with a pound of chocolate. So I put back on any weight I lose."

Last Sandwich You Made?

"That would be grilled salami and cheese."

Last Time You Played 'Naked Twister'?

"I've never played Naked Twister. I'm sorry, but I never have. Still, at least now I have something to look forward to."

Last Dumb Question You Were Asked?

"Er... I think it was, 'Last time I played Naked Twister'!"

Last Paranormal Experience?

"I was staying at my manager's place in upper New York, where Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and I were writing some music together. And the guy who wrote 'Amityville Horror' wrote the book about that house in this house. It was so creepy. We kept hearing noiises like people were moving firniture around in the basement. Doors kept slamming by themselves. We couldn't take it - we ennded up moving to a hotel. True Story."

Last time you pondered your mortality?

"The flight I just took in from Maimi to Washington DC. The plane never stopped shaking. I thought, 'Oh, this is it'. But the 'rock star dies in plane crash' thing has already been done, so I was hoping for something different."

How long can you last?

"I would say, at least 20 minutes. And that's if I'm thinking of something else!"

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IN BRIEF: The original grandaddy of schlock-horror returns and shows us what it's all about.

DATES: Wolverhampton Civic Hall July 3, Glasgow Barrowlands 4, Newcastle City Hall 5, Manchester Apollo 6, London Astoria 8.

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