Originally Published: June 10, 1995

Alice's Last Stand

"Special Versions of Alice Cooper's 'The Last Temptation' LP came with a free comic book. There were apparently two more to collect. But I've hunted everywhere for them without any luck. Any ideas where they can be found and at what price?
Mick Crowe - Northants

Books two and three of Marvel's 'The Last Temtaption' - written by Sandman's Neil Gaiman and drawn by Michael Zulli - were indeed supposed to follow Alice's album, made available with singles two and three respectively. In he event, single two ('It's Me' - after the pre-album release of 'Lost In America') had no comic and there never was a third single. The albums sales never reached anticipated levels, a projected tour didn't happen and - adding insult to injury - Alice was dropped by Sony/Epic despite making his best album for absolutely aeons! Even his planned Virtual Reality software never came to fruition, as it proved far two expensive. What a sad tale!

Still, the other two comics were printed. Unfortunately demand far outstripped supply and they quickly sold out or passed into the hands of dealers. Jan Wiacek of London's Forbidden Planet store says their stocks went almost overnight and now recommends you look instead at comic marts and conventions - check in the magazine Comics International for news of such events and future rock comic releases. Your other option is to wait for Marvel's novel version of all three volumes reprinted in one book. This is in the pipeline but may not be published for months to come, so you'll just have to be patient.