Kerrang! - 21st May 1994

(May 21, 1994)

Originally Published: May 21, 1994

Lost In America Single Review

Alice Cooper, whose new album 'The Last Temptation', is released through Epic in June, will be represented in a lookalike form on ITV's 'Stars In Their Eyes' on May 21!

Chris Pavlou, frontman with legendary '80s Glam Rockers Aunt May, will be performing as Alice for the watching millions, and will also appear the same night with his band Aunt May's Masquerade at London Putney Fox And Hounds.

In addition to this, Chris will be having lunch with the real Alice of daytime TV in June!

Alice Cooper 'Lost In America' (Epic)

by Terrorvision

Totally f-u-n snotty rocker from the Coop - shoulda been Single Of The Week! Curses!

Tony: "The words are good, aren't they? Shit hot, them."

Shutty: "I can't help thinking I've heard it before."

Mark: "You can't fault Alice, I used to like 'im..." (He says, eagerly claiming Clare Dowse's discarded promo Coop T-shirt!)

Tony: "The most uplifting experience I've had all day. Now that's a single, y'see."

Mark: "That is definately a single."

Shutty: "That is not an album - that is a single."