Originally Published: August 07, 1993

Encyclopaedia Kerrang!-asaurus

Alice Cooper
'Welcome To My Nightmare'

Alice was biting the heads off live chickens well before Ozzy got peckish onstage. He had guillotines and hatchets, did unspeakably gory things to baby dolls long before W.A.S.P. Ripped him off, and before David Coverdale had his Whitesnake, Alice had a big boa constrictor. Alice Cooper was rock theatre.

He was Vincent Damon Furnier, preacher's son, who went from fronting one of the world's worst bands to recording classics like 'School's Out' and '18'. Hhe was also at least two onion slices short of a big mac, as the brilliant 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (1975) illustrates. This gave him the Wimp Rock mega-hit 'Only Women Bleed' - Alice had Wimp Rock mega-hits before other bands too.

He went on to invent a whole host of other metal firsts: first metal golfer, first metal TV celebrity and first metal celebrity dry-out.