Originally Published: May 30, 1992

Alice's Warped Mind

Legendary metal goremeister Alice Cooper, currently enjoying huge sucess as guest star in the mega-hit movie 'Wayne's World', returns to the studio in September to begin work on a new album.

Cooper is currently collaborating on material with Zodiac Mindwarp, who penned Cooper's current single 'Feed My Frankenstein', which he performs in 'Wayne's World'.

"I really like the way Zodiac writes," Alice told Mayhem. "And I'm gonna be writing with loads of people for the album. I believe that you should write 50 songs before you even think about recording. I'd say I've got about four songs finished so far."

Mayhem asked Alice what drew him to record 'Feed My Frankenstein'.

"I really liked the big sounding guitars. I thought that it was a great guitar song for Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to play. It was also perfevt for the 'Wayne's World' movie. The film really needed a big dumb anthem. It's got just enough silliness, but it's also a great song."

Cooper is currently being mobbed in the US, following his role in 'WW'.

"Everywhere I go people bow down and yell, 'We are not worthy' (after a scene in the film where Wayne and Garth grovel to their hero after getting backstage passes for the show)! Still, it's better than 'Hey Stoopid', which I used to get...."

Asked how he got a part in the film, Alice replied: "I'd worked with the director Penelope Spheeris on 'The Decline Of Western Civilization Part Two: The Metal Years', and she wanted someone who could act it real straight and intellectual, because that's the gag - Wayne and Garth expect us to be real rock'n'roll, and me and the band are all very intellectual and well-behaved backstage!"

"I think the film has been so successful because it's real. People can relate to the characters because they understand them. When I play I see 10,000 Wayne and Garths in the crowd!"

So will Alice be in any sequels?

"I hear there is gonna be a sequel, called 'Ben Hurl'! Yeah, I'd love to do it..."