Originally Published: May 23, 1992

Feed My Frankenstein

Author: Napalm Death and Obituary

Alice Cooper
'Feed My Frankenstein'

Written and latter recorded by Zodiac Mindwarp, 'Frankenstein' is typical latter-day Cooper no-shock rock, as seen in the movie 'Waynes World'.

John: "I have a lotta respect for Alice Cooper, but this is nothing special. He did quite a good job in 'Waynes World' I thought, as far as his acting goes."

Barney: "I don't like Zodiac Mindwarp, and I don't like Alice Cooper, so this is doubly bad. Alice Cooper's so overrated. In the old days his stuff was sort of revolutionary, but now he's conforming to the usual rock bullshit."

Mitch: "Whatever sells. It's the typical glam rock thing."

Donald: "Alice Cooper was a good thing in his day but he's old toast now."