Originally Published: August 03, 1991

Operation Rock 'N' Roll

Author: Brian Brandes Brinkerhoff

Operation Rock'n'Roll
Shoreline Ampitheatre, Mount View, California

Although Motorhead raised the stakes significantly, Alice Cooper was capable of matching them. While this tour's stageshow is mild and tame compared to past antics, the music is incredible. Packing in 18 or so songs, Vincent and friends tore through a show that was simply awesome at times. With Stef Burns and Vinnie Moore handling the guitar chores in their own distinctive styles, 'Go To Hell', 'Eighteen', 'Elected' 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'Under My Wheels', 'Billion Dollar Babies' and 'School's Out' were punchier and edgier than ever before.

While most of the crowd were probably only crawling when Alice first made most of those songs rock classics, the fact that a whole new generation of fans can sing every word proves that Cooper is as viable today as he was then.

'Trash' material like 'Poison' and 'Bed Of Nails' worked better live than on record, while 'Love's A Loaded Gun' and 'Feed My Frankenstein' from the new album were as anthemic as all hell. The encore of 'Hey Stoopid' saw Joe Satriani amble onstage to trade licks with Burns and Moore, and if the show had ended here it would have been hard to complain.