Originally Published: April 08, 1989

Alice Cooper in 'no gore' shock

Godfather of gore Alice Cooper is currently mixing his new album. Entitled 'Trash', with producer Desmond Childs in New York.

The album will be released on the Epic label, and although no release date has been lined up yet, late May or early June looks likely.

Alice has personally chosen the albums ten songs from 40 that were available. This means that only one of the three songs Bon Jovi penned for him will be used, and similarly only one of three by Kane Roberts.

A spokesman for Alice's management told Mayhem: "Alice has picked the songs purely by how good they sounded. The direction is less gore, more MOR!"

Before the mixing stages, all of the recording took place in Los Angeles.

The Week In Metal


After performing to an audience of 40,000 in Sydney, Australia (the largest concert in the country's history to date), Alice Cooper is placed under house arrest at his hotel until he settles a bond for 59,832 dollars - the sum which a local promoter claims to have paid Cooper for a 1975 Australian tour he never actually undertook. Cooper and the promoter eventually arrive at a court settlement that divides the money between the two parties.