Originally Published: January 14, 1989

The Greatest Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time: No.74

Author: Ray Zell

Alice Cooper
'Billion Dollar Babies'
(Warner Brothers K56013)
Released 1973

Alice Cooper (vocals), Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce (guitars), Dennis Dunaway (bass), Neal Smith (drums).

Maybe not every 'classic' Cooper fanatic's favorite, yet the definitive Cooper album in terms of money, acclaim and most important of all ..... er ..... Money.

In a bulgin' snakeskin sleeve, the American dream in the shape of a decayin' apple pie is force-fed to the greedy. The horror is the reality, as the lyrics on the title-track splinter bone more effectively than any model guillotine.

"Anti" is cool as it's 'No More Mr Nice Guy' and I wanna be 'Elected'. Alice projects (and occassionally 'sings') with a rottin' passion, loathin' and mockin', while the guitars wail a preciseness still uniquely 'Billion Dollar Babies' yet questionably totally the work of the band.

Still, the genius of Bob 'sixth member' Ezrin conducts the album into the solid-gold shape that has 'classic' imprinted onto every dollar bill it ever made.

The twisted lullaby of 'Mary Anne' sets you 'somewhere' at ease after the lecherous 'Sick Things' only to find you've been set up for the album's conclusion in the form of 'I Love The Dead'. Although given the album's overall gluttonous concept, you'd be forgiven for misreadin' it 'I Love The Bread'!!!