Originally Published: June 25, 1988

News Report

Alice Cooper's recent tour of Germany was hit by censorship and protest about the content of his stage show.

Following reports in the English tabloid press about girls fainting in horror at Alice's antics, he was forced to drop sections of the show that involved spearing baby dolls on his swoord, axing a female mannequin, disembowling a pregnant woman and splattering fake blood.

Alice commented: "The most important thing was to play a show, even a censored one, for fans who've waited so long for me to return to Germany. I'm sorry that they didn't get to see the entire show, but they seemed to enjoy each night just as much as if we hadn't changed a thing."

Elsewhere in Europe, the full show was performed without incident, and the irony seems to be that the storm created in England that led to the ban was begun by a blind member of parliament!

Safely outside Germany, Cooper's parting shot was: "It's hard for an American to imagine anything as too violent for Germany".